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Etude House Precious Mineral Bright Fit BB CREAM Review

By lolrabbit · August 4, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

Hello there! :)

I've been having the etude house (blahblah long name) bb cream for a while, and I thought, I should review it cz I really really love it <3

In fact, I do wear it regularly! :)


From the website: *It's their current top global product btw*
-zero oil (no, not really, actually, there's little oil control in my opinion.. unfortunately)

-Coverage Up

(YEAH! FACT FACT FACT!!! :DD Medium to full coverage, buildable and easily blendable in my opinion. I like sheer coverage though, so I mix it with my moisturiser- I know, like I haven't heard of chemicals possibly reacting etc. hmmm.... I'd liketo try the Nymph Aura when I get around to buy it. It does help sheering it out and giving more dewy look. Even more dewy than the bb cream's finish on its own)


-Longer lasting

<span style="font-size: small;">(emm, this, I'm not so sure. long lasting enough but it slid and come off quite a bit to reveal redness. however, I don't put more than 2 blobs of this bb cream, so that might be the reason... I think it's decent though, not disappointing in that sense)


-Keep Your Dazzling skin all day like a precious pearl

<span style="font-size: small;">Yeah, quite there. slightly dewy. but ever so slightly (APART from when you just applied it... looked super dewy when fresh. I hoped it's bright and dewy all time!)



<span style="font-size: small;">-SPF30 YAY :DDD


- "bright fit" --> actually skin tone and not gray.. unlike some other bb creams...

I got mine in #w15 Sand beige (darkest colour..?) and while sometimes, i feel like it's slightly darker (the residues on my hand tell me that it's darker than the rest of my hand. but not so noticeable :) so oh wells )


-It photograph well! <3 :) honestly despite being a little disappointed in the colour matching, it doesn't show up badly in picture :) nor does it seem odd. it seems light in flash photography (i think it's the spf? :/) otherwise, it makes my skin looks even <3


freshly applied, dewy dewy dewwwyyyy!~ :)

rather dim.. but shall do it :D

not bad right

after three hours. not much of the dewy finish, but it definitely look better than my bare skin :DD




LOVE VERY MUCH BUT IT'S QUITE EXPENSIVE IN SG (SGD40, in the Philippines, if im not mistaken, it's around USD20 D:)


Last thing,

ETUDE HOUSE IS REVISING THEIR PRICE THOUGH D: I'm hoping it's for the better (especially for their bb cream and some skincare <3) But.. NO MORE 7% member discount. UGH!


<span style="font-size: small;">AAAA XD CROSS FINGERRSSSSS! :)


<span style="font-size: small;">AND WATCH OUT FOR KYARY'S PUFFY EYE MAKE UP PICTORIAL :DD It's something I've taken a liking :DD

OKAY>> ADIOSSSS!~</span>


By lolrabbit · July 30, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

Hello there peeps, LOOOONNNNGGG time no see. Gosh, don't I miss this blog.

In this post, I will be talking about the abovementioned product (well, duh. sorry for being a bimbo guys, I think my blog's name is kind of self-explanatory)

First of all, I always tried out the testers in Watsons and I felt like buying them. I mean, come on, while trying it out on my hand, my hand  felt so soft and smooth and bright and what not. THE LINES DISAPPEAR (again, I know it's silicone but STILL! :DD)

So, I asked a friend to give me some to try it out and she gives me a cute tiny little jar of it...


....... eyy, I forget to take a picture of that 0.O

So, anyway, let's jump straight to the review then (since I'm so rambly)

"<span>Lightweight primer smoothes skin while evening out skin tone with color correcting pigments that neutralize redness and uneven color. Wear alone or under foundation" --> product description

From revlon website X)

<span>Ok, that's the primer I'm talkin about

here are the before-after photos of myself</span>


<span>I know, I know, those aren't exactly the BEST - MOST GLAM photo I cn take but trust me it's not edited so it's "most reliable"

There you go, it's a little blurred out....

<span>Yes, pores are a little blurred out, BUT OOPS, they're still there... And sorry for panda eyes, can't help it bro....
surely looks BRIGHTER TOO <3 MATTE and SMOOTH ENOUGH if seen from afar

BUT THEN....</span>

eww NOSE! O,O

<span>LOOK AT THAT, it's like, putting glue on my face and then when i put on bb cream, it looks like tt. sure enough, from afar it doesn't look bad but hello I'm looking like a clown with blobs of bb cream like tt ((etude house precious mineral bright fit in W15 sand beige, which I'll review after this, and no it's not because the bb cream is unblendable or anything like that)) EWW MAX. True, that's probably why my make up stays on like nothing else BUT NOOO I DON'T WANT THAT :((( 

:( soooo.... rating

i'd give

<span style="font-size: x-large;">2/5 :((

Sorry, most probably ain't buying it. I might as well still use my moisturiser which allows me to still retain  the bb cream dewy look (which i'm all for, maybe if you're looking for a matte look, this baby ain't bad. but no for me :( )</span></span>


So, that's it, SEE YOU SOONEST GUYS <3

Post Hiatus :)

By lolrabbit · November 8, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

This blog has been dead for such a long time and I'm back, with SHORT HAIR :)

My make-up was horrible so I'm not gonna talk about it. Have been a good girl by not buying much things (mostly replenishing eyeliner) and trying to finish some other stuff (like bb cream, which seems like, I can't get around to finish it grawr). So, during this end of year holiday, let me entertain you! :)) see you soon :DD


By lolrabbit · January 18, 2011 · 0 Comments ·


eye lid glue

It's an eyelid glue!! (bought for 15.00 SGD)



The bimbo in me got persuaded by japanese magazines... they always rave about eyelid glue and that it looks more natural than eyelid tape. I bought it because my eyelids are not quite the same.. and it's not high enough..


I will be doing a review on this and may (try to) find a friend with monolid so that we can see how it works...


Anyone tried this before? :)

Hey readers <3 *update and asking for suggestion*

By lolrabbit · October 18, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

thanks for staying with me.

You all are so sweet <3

lately I have been so uninspired and contaminating the tracker with my camwhore pics, *apologies* for that. :)


I'll be busy from now till 20ish November but I promise I'll blog :) hopefully I'll blog stuffs that will help any of you in one way or another <3 and if possible to give inspiration for other uninspired people like me <3

If any of you'd like to request a post on something or ask just anything, please go ahead, I'd really appreciate it. If I can't answer, I'll try my best to help you curb your curiosity (research on it or ask people on it). Any suggestion on my blog (like how to be less annoying XD) would really be appreciate it.


Thanks everyone. wish me luck, please :))


Thanks, loves

LOL YES, rain's love song. he's damn cute.

Hi, people, do me a favour please?? :D

By lolrabbit · October 7, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

I joined this contest "camqueen of the year"


like my photo ;) no need to sign up so long as you have a facebook account, you'll be able to like my photo ;))




Thank you so much :)





Super Barbie Sweet Pink REVIEW

By lolrabbit · October 2, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Disclaimer I bought these with my own money. :) honest review guaranteed. thanks for checking it out readers :)

Yes, FINALLY a pink lenses in my collection!

Okay, technically, i have only two pairs of lenses as my other 2 have expired

You've noticed my previous lenses were all GEOs and all of a sudden, SUPER BARBIE.

Why the sudden change? Because while being consistent is good, being adventurous is FUN :D.

The super barbie lenses is another Korean circle lenses brand (although strangely the texts on the vials are in Japanese.)

WHile it is more expensive, I'm pleasantly surprised to find it more comfortable than GEO. I don't know what to credit, as the water content is similar to GEOyet, it  is bigger (most super barbie lenses are 15.8 mm while only the GEO super nudy and super angel i.e. those with the letter X as the first letter in the code are that big)

I've wanted to try out more comfortable circle lenses. Many have recommended EoS, NEO, and some other korean brand, but, sigh, they aren't that easily available in Singapore *sigh*


Look, GEO, you need this plastic to prevent the metal from cutting our finger. when I say need, I truly mean NEED ;)


Proof of being more comfy :

all my geo lenses, magically stings my *eitherrightorleft, i'm horrible with these kind of thing* left eye for some reason, especially when I just pop them in. After that, my eyes will teared up, and I will cry *sob sob sob*. Nonetheless, after that, you don't feel anything. They're gone. Well, technically they are still in your eyes, but yeah. If you are someone new to contact lenses, this might not be a good first time impression of circle lenses (talking about trauma, you know). But, seeing that they are only S$15, well, they aren't bad at all!! worth of trying if you had not tried them in your life.


However, my super barbie sweet lenses don't make tears welling up my eyes, I WAS SHOCKED :O Doesn't sting either. Well, drawback is, you still can only wear them for 8 hours. Rewetting is still essential though when wearing circle lenses, I'd say, regardless of how good they are. Plus, although many seller may tell you that 48% water content is high, it is NOT at all.

Okay, that being said, my impression of this brand is pretty good (plus I'm a sucker :x, I have repeatedly admitted that).


Now, let's be more specific to the SWEET PINK Lenses shall we?


I actually chose this design due to its similarity to the Beaucon Jewel series (one on Masuwaka Tsubasa's advertisement *often*). See how much a sucker I am? I love love tsubasa ok. This design have thick limbal ring (the black outer ring) with rather pixelated design for the pink that makes it seems as if your eyes are glowing and super huge.

What I love about pink lenses is, it's going to look like brown in some lighting while retaining the pink tone. Pink is only seen clearly in stronger (more whitish) lighting (and of course, if you look closer to the eye). One of my friend has freaked out due to the fact they are pink, *IKR* ONLY after I told her it's pink. *proof how much our judgement is much more by perception than


photos bELOW!


Seriously, need I say more? I thought I told you the good points already. :PP scroll up and search for words in blue or red (yay for superman colour scheme :D )


Just nice for me but if you want to look super dolly, I'd still recommend black lenses rather than these lenses :) well, choice is entirely on you though :)





So, if you want to know where I got my lenses, it's actually instock lenses from ARCHANGEL LENS HOUSE (in facebook). I knew about this site from miyake (she's super pretty right XD. ups, sidetracking)

the shop is Malaysian based but she had the lenses sent to someone in singapore (Kiyomi Lim), who'd post the lenses by registered post only. It is therefore 'spree' in a sense but it takes less than 2 weeks to reach after the spree :)

The lenses costs $28 inclusive of all the nitty gritty postage fee etc.

Overall, it's been quite pleasant experience to purchase the lenses there :))

Look at my supergirl top!!




TIP ~ storing false lashes

By lolrabbit · September 30, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Don't have any of those fancy lashes box?


especially when it's lower lashes (the individual one) it would be easier to store them in these :))


Oh yeah, tips on contact lenses casing. don't run it under tap water to clean after you pop in your lenses. use your multi-purpose solution :)


By lolrabbit · September 25, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Pink contact lenses review. :)


By lolrabbit · August 31, 2010 · 0 Comments ·


Interesting that I don't even know the shades that are going to be launched. :X



Photos with watermark : allhailsexybimbo or lolrabbit are taken by me using my sony cybershot DSC W380 or my webcam. :D no i dont steal people's work without crediting <3

Love, NOppi


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